Design | Build

SitePlanLCM PLUS takes a design-build approach to landscaping, meaning that we can fully pre-visualize any aspect of our work on your home. We design beautiful outdoor living areas for your friends and family to enjoy as well as pick the perfect plants to accent your home’s entrance. Our fully trained and licensed professional staff works closely with you to ensure that you get the exact design that best suits your home and lifestyle.

We can create a full 3D model of your property allowing you to see how each step of our process improves the landscape, including grading, planting design, masonry and more. We bring together functionality and aesthetics while safeguarding our clients’ personality and preferences.

LCM PLUS, a full service Design | Build firm, has the expertise to help you design and transform you outdoor area to a functional living space the whole family can enjoy! Working with a proven professional like us means we will be there to work directly with you throughout the entire design and construction process and make your exterior landscaping visions a reality.