Synthetic turf is an attractive and popular alternative to traditional grass lawns for residential, commercial, and municipal applications.

Significant advances have been made in recent years in synthetic turf technology; improving the look, feel and durability.

One of the biggest attractions to a synthetic lawn is that maintenance costs, such as fertilization, aeration, over-seeding, and irrigation are eliminated. Thatch will not accumulate and grubs cannot invade. Since synthetic turf never needs to be cut, it eliminates the noise and air pollution associated with mowing.

A synthetic lawn will remain lush and green all year while saving thousands of gallons of water. Homeowners need only rinse the turf occasionally to maintain a picture perfect manicured landscape.

Synthetic turf is a great solution for an area of heavy use, such as alongside a sidewalk or playground where bald spots occur; areas that are unable to establish new or significant growth. Because synthetic turf remains lush and resilient, it is also perfect for a putting green where texture and consistency are imperative.

Outside influences can result is bare spots or thin areas, discoloration, and improper drainage. Pet owners, in particular, are familiar with the unattractive results of dogs’ ‘potty areas’ where enzymes alter the soil chemistry and discolor or kill lawns. Synthetic turf alleviates all of these.

The amount of money saved in the regular maintenance of a live grass lawn offsets the installation of synthetic turf, while property value and sidewalk appeal are increased. If you are looking to replace your lawn, consider the time & money saved, as well as environmental benefits.

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