Heated driveway

LCM PLUS offers snow melting systems that have proven to be the optimum solution for heating commercial parking ramps, driveways, sidewalks & walkways, loading docks and more. Versatile and durable, LCM PLUS utilizes heat cables designed to withstand the stress of heavy concrete pours and brick and stone paver applications as well as the extreme temperatures of hot asphalt installations. These systems are maintenance free & fully automated.


Maintenance on both heated and non heated hardscapes are minimal and repairs are easy – eliminate the on-going need to replace or patch damaged asphalt. A paver driveway is a beautiful & durable investment providing an immediate boost to curb appeal. Unlike typical asphalt driveways, pavers come in a wide array of styles, colors, and patterns meaning that your driveway can be custom tailored to harmonize perfectly with your home & landscape. Paver driveways resist cracking, discoloration, and damage from ice-melt products.


Sweeping & hosing the driveway is all that would be regularly required.

Heated driveway

Occasional maintenance of a paver driveway is limited to cleaning & sealing the surface as needed. Techniseal* products come in a variety of tints & finishes to remove contaminants, brighten colors, provide non-slip traction, and prevent stains. In the event a paver driveway does suffer damage, repairs are limited only to the affected area, as individual blocks can be replaced.


While the up-front costs may be higher the return will pay for itself; Eliminate the need for shoveling, plowing, or snow-blowing your driveway and the costs associated! When comparing the investment of installing a heated paver driveway rather than traditional asphalt, consider that you have traded the cost of regularly patching or entirely replacing cracked and uneven asphalt with occasional & affordable maintenance for a product that will not heave or crumble. You will benefit from the incredible amount of time you save not having to shovel out your vehicle.

Heated driveway

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*Techo-Bloc offers a lifetime transferable warranty on all products. This warranty is honored by Techo-Bloc through LCM PLUS, a licensed installer.
All work performed in accordance to industry standards of the International Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI).
National Concrete Masonry certifies LCM PLUS in Segmental Retaining walls. We are ICPI certified and certified applicators by Techniseal.


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