The installation of a fire feature extends the use and enjoyment of your outdoor space. Imagine relaxing in front of a crackling fire as the sun goes down. Cozy up with friends and family well into the autumn season.

There are many different choices of interlocking block available to match your style preference. LCM PLUS builds custom fire features using natural fieldstone or quarry stone. Fire features can be built for natural gas, wood, or propane, which can be operated by a simple push-button or a more rustic style, reminiscent of camping with the authentic wood burning smell.

No room for a fire-pit? No problem! LCM PLUS also installs solid bronze Tiki torches that burn citronella oil to ward off those pesky mosquitoes and double as landscape lighting fixtures. You can still get the atmosphere of an open flame without the hardscape installation!

We would be happy to share more ideas about our fire feature services with you!
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