UntitledSmart Irrigation Month is an Irrigation Association initiative first launched in 2005 to increase the recognition of the positive impact of efficient irrigation & bring attention to water-saving products, practices, and services.

To help maintain a healthy and beautiful landscape – consider installing an irrigation system. A professionally designed and installed sprinkler system takes the worry out of watering while contributing to a lush and vibrant lawn. Recover the time you would spend hand watering for summer activities and stop worrying about your plantings while away on vacation. Also, no more wrestling with the perpetually knotted garden hose!

A healthy lawn boosts curb appeal, and a pre-installed irrigation system will add value to a property. While it may seem like an expensive endeavor to install sprinklers, automatic systems offset the upfront costs associated with installation. Today’s irrigation systems are precise in their operation, utilizing rain detectors in conjunction with a programmable schedule & provides even coverage to all of the required areas. This means no guesswork, no wasted water, and more time in your day to perform tasks you would prefer to be doing.

Designing an effective irrigation system is a precise science. Multiple factors need to be considered in order to maximize benefits. Irrigation systems deliver water only where it is needed, concentrated where necessary. When successfully executed, automatic systems can save up to 50% more water when compared with hand watering; Water will be more effectively absorbed into the soil, reducing runoff. Regular and precise watering will have your lawn & plants flourishing while discouraging unsightly weeds.

Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries Incorporated.

Once established an automatic irrigation system requires very little, if any, attention. LCM PLUS will perform any necessary adjustments for flawless coverage, while predetermined schedules initiate watering only if necessary. Regular maintenance is limited to seasonal turn-ons and turn-offs, and warranties are offered to protect your investment.

If you would like to learn more, or speak with a trained professional about the benefits associated with an automatic irrigation system please call us! LCM PLUS offers full service design, installation, and maintenance on all irrigation systems.


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