Believe it or not but spring is already right around the corner. You know what that means! Home owners will be looking to improve their “curb appeal” and even looking to add some privacy to an area. Most of us can agree that sitting outside in our yards can be a great and relaxing experience. The problem with us finding that relaxation is that with today’s smaller lot sizes, many of us live much closer to our neighbors than we would prefer. A fence can do the job, and might be an easy fix but they can degrade over time and even feel confining. Another common complaint with fencing is that they often will grab your attention and draw your eyes to what you are trying to hide, instead of camouflaging it like they are meant for. Do not worry though, your creative outdoor living specialists here at LCM PLUS are here to tell you that there are alternatives to the common fence, and we think you might just love them.

Cast Lighting (6)Potential Fixes:  There are countless styles of privacy landscaping. Some of the most popular ideas behind this are layered privacy plantings, panels and pergolas, stone wall topped with fencing and even just investing in larger plantings.

Layered Privacy Plantings:  In larger yards the planting of shrubs, a mixture of evergreen or deciduous trees, can create a more natural look. This is even more achievable if you layer your plantings; Grouping said plants in odd numbers can do wonders for your yards privacy. These techniques are a good way of obscuring a neighbors view if you are having issues with the common wondering eyes of a neighborhood.

Panels and Pergolas: These are for the more defined small patio areas, including outdoor kitchens and decks. They are generally easier to screen than a whole yard. By enclosing these areas you can create that intimate feeling of entertaining or eating indoors, while still getting to enjoy that beautiful summer weather.

Stone Wall with Fencing Top: Another idea where you can add onto your yard, rather than getting something entirely new involves fencing on stone walls. If you already have an existing stoneFence_Pictures5_08_022
wall around your property or even sections of your property you can add a 2-4 foot on top of a 1-4 foot stone wall. These types of walls are high enough to disarray sight lines, with the openwork fences that can eliminate any feelings of claustrophobia.

Larger Plants: These are more for a homeowner looking for a “quick fix”. While one may find a great deal on the smaller container shrubs, those take time to grow in and flourish. In the time it takes for them to grow in, these smaller plants will not be hiding anything. The idea here is, when possible buy fewer plants but go big. Larger planets make an impact at the present time. While on the other hand 10-20 one-gallon pots would not provide any type of screening for years.

Do Your Research: In the end just remember to do your research, and search all avenues instead of making an impulse purchase at a local garden center.

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