Whether it’s a dip in the pool or just simply soaking up the sun, many homeowners will spend a great deal of time in their outdoor living spaces in the upcoming summer weeks.  As an extension of your home, your outdoor living space should be dynamic and inviting. LCM PLUS recommends accent lighting to enhance your space. These outdoor installations are the perfect example of functional value contributing to your property while also adding effortless curb appeal.

landscape lighting services, Winchester, MAAccent lighting gives you the freedom to be creative in your lighting scheme as these features are solely designed to add drama and visual appeal.  Tastefully incorporated accent lighting can bring the hidden beauty of your landscape to life. You can showcase gorgeous flowers, shrubs, and trees throughout the night by placing lights in beds where you can feature them all.  Another option would be to accent hardscape stonework with in-wall lights or even a water feature. Accent lighting can help frame a walkway or create a cozy evening atmosphere on your patio.  

Patio lighting and audio

Accent lighting is beneficial as it can enhance your love for outdoor entertaining.  Without a well-lit area for get-togethers, parties with friends and family have to come to an early end when you run out of natural daylight.  When ambient tones are present, an inviting atmosphere encourages guests, as well as their hosts to stay comfortable long into the night.

Security Lighting

We have all seen outdoor lighting for security purposes down the streets of our hometowns, around restaurants, social gathering places and within our own neighborhoods. But aside from the simple fact that lighting helps you see your surroundings, why else is security lighting necessary?

LCM PLUS sees security lighting as having a multi-purpose function that pays off in several beneficial ways.

Pathway lightingOne of the greatest benefits of installing security lighting is to improve home security. By adding bright lights around the exterior of your house, you can guarantee the shadows and dark corners, that could easily hide burglars, are brought to light in the late hours of the night. This makes it difficult to break into your home as burglars are easily noticed by neighbors, pedestrians, home cameras or even you.  Burglars and vandals are less inclined to target a well lit home.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, your home can be made safer.  Shadowy areas can be made visible and will reduce possible injuries to you and your guests.  Walkways can be well lit for visitors or sidewalks can be illuminated for pedestrians.

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