landscape lighting services, Winchester, MAIt’s summertime and the heat is on! You’re finally enjoying your outdoor space so why should it stop when the sun goes down?  New technology and specialty lighting options are available today that add a huge amount of visual appeal and hours of enjoyment after dark. The installation of outdoor lighting can change the look of your outdoor landscape by adding a warm, romantic glow to your surroundings and emphasize landscaping features to create dramatic effects.

There are several popular specialty lighting techniques used in outdoor lighting design to highlight landscaping features and boost your curb appeal. Professional installation of outdoor lighting has become quite an art, proven by how well it affects the ambiance and even expands the space.

Patio lighting and audio1) Accent lighting – To highlight a specific feature, for example, a beautiful sculpture or tree, you may want to have a spotlight to draw attention to the lighted object. The direction of light creates a shadow that can be an interesting focal point, like a shadow cast from an object or sculpture. A silhouette effect is created by placing a light behind a piece of landscaping and lights in front of the object can cast ornate shadows. A variety of lighting types, when used throughout your landscape can create a layered effect, where some lights are more subtle and others accentuate focal points.

2) Outdoor security lighting used to illuminate a large area of the landscape can eliminate the darkness from a corner of your yard, up to 180°. A floodlight would produce a wider beam of light than one produced by a spotlight and is a great way to increase safety and security. You can choose from normal flood lights or LED floodlights, which last longer and use less energy.

Up-lighting trees3) Up-lighting trees create a subtle ambiance and bring out the natural color of evergreen trees and deciduous leaves. A lighting fixture installed on the ground at the base of a tree casts light upward and changes the appearance to create a stunning landscaping feature. Lighting a tree’s trunk from below and the underside of its branches emphasizes its characteristic attributes like texture and tall stature. Up-lighting is ideal for displaying fine features of flowers, fountains, trees, and statues.

4) Down-lighting, in contrast to up-lighting, down-lighting shines light from above to illuminate low growing plants, patios and pathways. A light fixture can be attached to the side of a pergola, or tree where the higher up the light is, the more light is spread over the area. Path lights, down-lights, and wall lights help guide people along paths, walkways and steps to make the area much safer at night. There are many other types of outdoor lighting options for patio, pool and sitting areas as well.

5) Security – Landscape lighting also has many practical benefits. Professionally installed landscape lighting can increase nighttime security, safety and boost curb appeal. The safety and security that landscape lighting can bring are especially beneficial where pathways and steps can be difficult to navigate in the dark.

Pathway lightingYou may have thoughts of how your landscape could be enhanced by the addition of outdoor lighting. Is there a specific contribution you want new lighting installation to make to your property? Perhaps you want to light up a specific area in your backyard or increase your curb appeal. Is security your main goal to protect your family and discourage intruders?

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