Caring for your hardscape elements is important to keep them looking their best. When left unprotected paver & natural stone installations will weather and their beautiful appearance will be diminished. Cleaning neglected pavers can be back-breaking work, and we know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! Take a look at this comparison picture, the right side has been sealed; Notice the richness of the color!


Whether a vehicle with an oil leak stained your beautiful driveway, a BBQ left hideous grease stains, or you have a damp area and struggle with efflorescence it is important to maintain the condition of your hardscape to ensure many years of enjoyed usage. The easiest way to achieve this is to have your pavers sealed & protected from the elements. Sealing means that any debris or buildup do not penetrate the stone or joints & pavers are protected from the harmful pigment breakdown effects of UV absorption. The rejuvenating seal is non-slip and comes in many finishes to suite your personal taste which include Matte, Glossy, and Clear. Cleaning the area is now an easy and fast process of gently washing off any accumulation.

Untitled drawingIt is important to note, however, that a sealer should not be applied to any area that has not been thoroughly cleaned using professional grade detergents and methods. If any debris, efflorescence, or stains remain when a sealer is applied they become trapped inside and pose a threat of damaging the installation. Water jets alone tend not to dissolve the damaging salts and oils, and can actually harm the polymeric sand joints with excessive pressure.

Autumn is a great time to consider a paver sealant application; As the cook-outs and outdoor events begin to wind down – we gear up for another harsh winter of sand and salt. LCM PLUS is a Techni-Seal certified applicator & protecting your investment is our priority. Trust the professionals to keep your patios, driveways, and more looking like new for longer while inhibiting vegetation and other messes.Untitled drawing(2)

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