The Importance of Lawn Core Aeration


Core aeration is a highly useful trick to ensure your lawn is getting all the right nutrients that it requires. Lawn aeration is puncturing small holes into your lawn with a machine to let nutrients such as fertilizer, oxygen, and water deeper into your soil for more even grass growth and an overall healthier lawn. This is especially important in late summer to early fall (so if you haven’t yet, make sure you do it now before the first New England snowfall!) in order to prepare your grass for winter, as it is important to keep as many nutrients in the soil as possible to ensure regrowth when next spring comes around. Water, fertilizer, and oxygen are just a few examples of food for your lawn that are better absorbed through these core aeration holes. Think of it this way; you spend all that time and money fertilizing your lawn. However, the fertilizer can only get so deep into the soil if it is not aerated, making the fertilizer much less effective. Also, grassroots need to breathe oxygen too! Yards with high foot traffic tend to be good candidates for core aeration for this reason, as the compact soil needs more oxygen that it is especially not receiving from being frequently used and walked on.


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