The kitchen notoriously holds memories of family gatherings and learning new recipes passed down for generations. Since two is almost always better than one, an outdoor kitchen is a perfect opportunity for more great experiences! There is a lot to unpack when it comes to constructing your ideal kitchen tailored to how it will be used. Does installing a refrigerator really make a difference? What about a sink? A bar area would be great, but how much counter space is needed? In the next few paragraphs, we’ll guide you through the journey of planning your very own outdoor kitchen.

Get the most out of your new space:
When putting together the initial design for an outdoor kitchen, think of what aspects would best pertain to you and whoever will be utilizing this space the most. Whether it be a husband who enjoys grilling at barbecues or a mom who likes to host cocktail hour with her friends, keep all these aspects in mind when listing desired features. Outdoor kitchens can come with many convenient features such as refrigerators, full sinks, and cabinets. If you enjoy hosting gatherings of any kind, you may want to invest in a refrigerator for convenience. This way you won’t have to keep going in and out of the house to restock drinks, condiments, or any other small fixings. 

Pick a style that best fits your current home:
Another highly important aspect is the hardscape you choose. It should match the rest of the exterior home while also creating its own vibe and personal area of the yard. Outdoor kitchens naturally complement and add to any home, so you want to make sure it is built with a timeless design. Stone is almost always a good choice for an outdoor kitchen as it brings a lovely aesthetic to a grill or fireplace area. It is also highly durable and comes in many styles and colors. However there are many options for walls and countertops such as concrete for a contemporary look, stainless steel giving a sleek look, wood for a rustic touch, etc. And depending on your lifestyle, a bar top is always a great idea, giving extra room for eating, drinking, and enjoying life!

Create the ambiance!
Our last tip is to surely include some landscape lighting. The fun times you will enjoy in your new outdoor space may go on later than you expect, creating a need for lighting to keep the night going. Landscape lighting can be placed just about anywhere and on any surface. Placing them under or around countertops gives a nice ambiance while also helping to see the area where you may be cooking or mixing drinks. Outdoor audio also adds a nice touch and can be camouflaged into miscellaneous objects around the area.

Moreover, outdoor kitchens take a lot of planning but absolutely pay off in the years enjoyed using them. The copious styles and features that can be added makes this outdoor living space truly customizable. As always, be sure to check in with your contractor as you reach each step in the project with any questions or concerns!

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