Are you looking to extend your living space outdoors or looking to create a whole new dimension to your entertaining area? Creative outdoor living is the answer. Hardscaping is one beautiful way to increase the functionality and value of outdoor spaces. Examples of hardscapes include patios, fountains, outdoor rooms, and sitting walls. As an extension of your home, outdoor living spaces should be dynamic and inviting.

No two outdoor spaces are the same, and no two families will use them in the same way.  LCM PLUS can help you identify ways to incorporate your lifestyle into your landscape and bring open-air spaces to life. We work with you to design a space that maximizes your priorities while harmonizing with each unique environment.

LCM PLUS, a full-service Design | Build firm, has the expertise to help you design and transform your outdoor area to a functional living space the whole family can enjoy! 

Consider extending your living space to the outdoors with architectural additions like an outdoor room or patio. We design beautiful outdoor living areas for your friends and family to enjoy and pick the perfect plants to accent your home’s entrance, as well. Our fully trained and licensed professional staff works closely with you to ensure that you get the exact design that best suits your home and lifestyle. Using materials like bluestone, granite, bricks, interlocking blocks & pavers, we can build a durable and attractive addition to your property.

Create a whole new dimension to your entertaining area with our custom-designed, hand-crafted stone walls. Our natural fieldstone walls can be designed as a simple garden wall or a sitting wall to enjoy while relaxing with a book or dining with friends outdoors. Building a sitting wall creates a memorable statement about your home, whether you are designing a conversational area or dividing your landscape to make it more manageable, you will find it brings more than just style to your space.

A good starting point can be an arbor, pergola, or gazebo. These are perfect structures to add character to an exterior space while serving a functional purpose. From a simple pergola that accents a growing garden to one that covers a seating area to create a true outdoor room, they serve as lovely focal points. An arbor, when framing a garden entry or walkway, enhances the intimate appeal of the space. Flowering plants, like roses and morning glories, can be trained to climb a trellis or an arbor to create a living fence, guaranteed to enhance any garden.

Awnings and canopies can meet various design needs. Not only do they provide energy savings but they also provide weather protection, architectural aesthetics; and are often used commercially for brand identification as advertising. Fabrics of today are long lasting, easily cleaned and bright. Along with corrosion resistance these properties can result in strong, attractive, economical and safe products. From free-standing canopies, attached awnings, screen rooms & pergola mounted retractable coverings, lcm plus will help you create the perfect outdoor space!

Outdoor lighting installations are a perfect example of functional value. Landscape lighting offers security for your home or business while completely transforming your property. Lcm plus offers subtle, yet powerful products that will withstand the harsh conditions of New England.  With outdoor lighting, you can extend the use of your outdoor spaces well into the night. Lights in a sitting wall deliver an intimate glow, while illuminated walkways ensure that people can navigate areas safely, and design features can be accentuated.

Outdoor audio installations are, in terms of enjoyment, a fantastic return on investment. Using high-quality weatherproof products for listening to music, while lounging on the patio or tuning into a sports game while grilling; puts audio control at your fingertips. LCM PLUS offers powerful, durable products that will withstand the harsh conditions of New England while providing fantastic audio quality. LCM PLUS installs high-quality systems that can be set up to play from your Smartphone or existing A/V system and controlled remotely. With these installations, enjoying your outdoor living space just got easier!

Looking to give your backyard/outdoor living space that ‘IT’ factor? The installation of a fire feature, such as a stone fire pit will make spring, summer and autumn evenings outdoors, irresistible. Imagine making s’mores with the family, and having a place for your children and their friends to hang out on weekend nights. These fire features can burn wood, use natural gas, or propane. You can create your own household social circle gathering spot. There are few things more beautiful in life than relaxing in front of a crackling fire as the sun goes down.

Aside from enhancing your property value, a water feature can help turn your landscape into something special. From whimsical fountains to quiet pools, a water feature provides a focal point and a unique design to your space. Water features add sound, texture, and movement to your landscape design and help make your surroundings feel more natural. These soothing reprieves are easy to match up with your current garden and backyard living space style and are easy to maintain.

Outdoor kitchens are one of the latest trends in home renovation. These kitchens are outfitted with unique outdoor cooking gear like wood-fired ovens, multi-tiered bbq grills, and even fully stocked bars. Outdoor kitchens are fantastic for throwing parties, baby showers, barbecues, pool parties and everything in between. When talking about value, an outdoor kitchen will make your house more marketable if, or when the time comes to sell someday. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more and more popular, so in time, it’s likely that home buyers will be on the lookout specifically for this update. Get outside and get cooking!

LCM plus understands how important fencing is to helping frame and enhance your property. We can create custom fencing using a variety of materials that include cedar, vinyl, aluminum, steel, and chain link. Good fences make good neighbors. Whether dividing property lines or creating visually aesthetic boundaries, there are many different applications for fencing. In addition to providing privacy, a fence can quite literally be brought to life by incorporating it into the landscape. Plants like roses and morning glories can be trained to climb a trellis or arbors to create a living fence guaranteed to enhance any garden.