Techo-Bloc Baltimore Wall with Fire Feature

Adding a fire feature to your landscape will help you get more from your outdoor living space. Outdoor fire features are more than a design fad or interesting focal point, they are a lifestyle. There are many options when it comes to the style and applications, from pits and bowls to built-in fireplaces. No matter which type you choose, friends and family will be drawn to the relaxing atmosphere and the enjoyment of your yard will be extended well into autumn.

Fire bowls are charming and portable, varying sizes ensure that there is an option to suite every backyard. With these, the unit can be moved about the yard and brought inside for winter. Alternatively an in-ground fire pit is one of the most versatile features to consider. There are no rules in designing a fire pit. Shape, depth, and materials are all fully customizable based on your needs and site conditions.

Manufactures produce a wide range of fire features for any application. These striking modular units are available in different colors and styles to suite any outdoor space. These units offer a cooking source and tie in wonderfully with outdoor kitchens. While not everybody may have yard space to dedicate to a permanent installation, there are smaller decorative options like strip pits, wall-mounted, and chimeneas.

Many are clean burning units that operate on gas; This culminates in ease of use with push-button ignition & peace of mind for safety. With todays technology we can even integrate remote controls, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth! Others prefer the good old-fashioned crackle & smell of a wood burning fire. Which fire feature would you most like to add to your property?

Fire features are relatively low maintenance devices that add incredible flair to an outdoor space. Consult with LCM PLUS’ qualified designers to determine the unit most qualified for your lifestyle. We carefully plan

Techo-Bloc Valencia Fire Feature with Sitting Wall

every project to best suit your property; Working with a proven professional like us means we will be there to work directly with you throughout the entire design and construction process and make your exterior landscaping visions a reality.

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