Upgrading the landscaping on your property offers many rewards while giving a fresh new look to your outdoor living spaces. There are so many exciting options for homeowners who are dreaming of a patio makeover, masonry walkway, irrigation, or the ambiance of mood lighting to enhance backyard gatherings. From the many choices available, the completion of your unique upgrade can have the immediate benefit of increased enjoyment at home for you and your family. But perhaps the most attractive reward for your investment is seeing the monetary value of your home increase along with its desirability through the eyes of potential home buyers.

The National Association of Realtors and the National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted several surveys and compiled a list of landscape features that offered the highest rated returns financially, as well as rating the contentment factor.


#1 Landscape Maintenance – maintenance includes mulching, mowing, pruning, and planting.  Joy Score – 9.5%

#2 Overall Landscape Upgrade – an example might be a new walkway and installation of trees and shrubs.  Joy Score – 9.7%

#3 Standard Lawn Care Service – lawn care includes the application of fertilizer and weed control.  Percent of value recovered from the project is approx. 267%.  Joy Score – 9.0

#4 New Patio –  no other improvement feature adds more livability and increases enjoyment while at home.  Joy Score – 9.7%

#5 New Wood Deck – adds functionality and livability to outdoors.  Joy Score – 9.8%

#6 Tree Care – includes the application of tree fertilization, regular spraying, trimming and pruning, plus the removal of a 30 ft. tree.  Joy Score – 9.2%

#7 Landscape Lighting – typical installation of a transformer and LED lights.  Joy Score – 9.6%

#8 Statement Landscape  – includes a customized space for bocce ball, yoga, etc. or perhaps a garden.  Joy Score – 9.7%

#9   Irrigation System Installation – the installation and management of an irrigation system for a lawn.  Joy Score – 10%

#10  Outdoor Kitchen –  based on the installation of one inset grill, stainless steel drawers, ice chest, sink and veneered masonry stone countertop.  Joy Score – 9%

#11 Fire Feature – a popular feature that extends the season and encourages more family time.  Joy Score – 10%

#12 Water Features – many options but all add a sense of increased relaxation and tranquility.  Joy Score – 9.8%

The complete findings of the report that polled realtors, homeowners, and landscape professionals can be found in their 2018 Remodeling Impact Outdoor Features report.


LCM PLUS designs beautiful outdoor living areas for your friends and family to enjoy as well as pick the perfect plants to accent your home’s entrance. Our services include (but are not limited to) landscaping, masonry, and irrigation. LCM PLUS takes a design-build approach to landscaping and will work closely with you throughout the entire design and construction process to make your exterior landscaping visions a reality.

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