Spring clean-ups are important to prepare your lawn and landscape for a successful season. LCM PLUS highly recommends a spring clean up to start the season right. We will repair winter damage and identify any problems early. While your plantings are getting ready to bud and flower, weeds are also looking for a foothold. Landscapes are an investment in the value and beauty of your home. Simple applications of fertilizer or seed will not be enough to ensurePicture 176 a beautiful yard; Our trained professionals can deliver these services and answer any of your questions.

To begin the revitalization process, a thorough raking is required. Any leaves, twigs, or debris (which might be good for composting!) should be removed. Undulations in grade caused by the variance of temperatures and compaction can invoke a host of problems and should be leveled; Low lying areas invite drainage issues and high spots will create uneven grass height when mowed. Identify and remediate the presence of any weeds such as Nutsedge. Did you know a thicker stand of grass will help dampen weed growth?

Fertilization is imperative and this season demands particular attention to the inhibition of weeds. Not all fertilizer is created equal; There is a wide range of varying compositions with additives for prevention as well as management. Organic and all natural weed control options may be considered too, especially if you have young children or pets. While it is necessary to treat more than once, early intervention is important to long term control.Total eradication of weeds is not ecologically feasible but good maintenance practices will dampen the growth & reach of weeds.

Pruning is important to a healthy & visually attractive landscape. Because not all plants undergo budding or flowering at the same, pruning may be best left to the professionals familiar with the species; You wouldn’t want to accidentally clip more than necessary or too early/late for that planting. Most perennials can be cut low, and shrubs would certainly benefit from some pruning. In addition to maintaining a desirable size and shape that the existing root system can 4344support, this activity ensures year-long benefits. Any dead or insect infested areas should be removed, and by snipping off these areas you will stimulate new growth and maximize any flowering or fruit. Dead or dying limbs pose a fall risk, especially during storms, which can harm people or damage your home. By promoting better wind movement through a canopy we can minimize these risks and allow more air and light to the healthy areas.

Now that your property is raked, filled, and fertilized it’s time to refresh the aesthetics. Mulch should be replenished as necessary and ornamental grassed can be sculpted. Edges along beds and walkways should be redefined giving the overall appearance a crisp and well maintained look. Now your property will be looking fantastic with just light regular maintenance.

Contact LCM PLUS today to schedule your spring clean up! With our help, the grass will be greenest on your side of the fence. 

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