Following a dismal winter, spring flowers are a welcome reprieve. Annuals, while only around for one season, provides incredible vibrancy to a garden. Single season flowers are relatively inexpensive and prove to be versatile with quick results. Choosing varieties with interesting foliage color and texture will provide a lasting visual effect on your landscape. Annuals do not develop a permanent root base and are perpetuated by heavy seed production through many flowers, which in turn means that the more you cut them the more they bloom. Wonderful examples include Impatient, Nasturtium, Alyssum, and Snapdragon just to name a few. Consult with our designers to determine which specimens would flourish in your garden!

When planning your floral displays it is a great idea to make a dream board. Visualization fosters inspiration and by bringing all of your ideas together it is easy to picture a perfect garden.  Tack impatien2photographs, magazine articles, seed packages, or anything that inspires you to the board. Inspiration can come from where you least expect it, such as the pattern on a rug or contours of a seashell. By translating your style to the outdoors you can achieve personalized and striking designs

While everybody can appreciate a beautiful garden, not all have the time it requires to properly tend to each planting. Here are some types of plants that provide great ornamental value while being low maintenance. For edging a walkway consider Lilly Turf, known for its lavender blooms which are resistant to rabbits and deer. To help prevent soil erosion on slopes or for a versatile ground cover use flowering Vinca Minor, commonly known as periwinkle. To brighten shady areas one option would be to include some Cherry Laurel with its fragrant white flowers known for attracting birds. In the fall, Weeping Japanese Maple offers great color without taking up too much space.

A great way to spruce up a garden as well as save money at the grocery store is to incorporate some edible plants. Many of these have beautiful blooms during spring and blossom into lush greenery without requiring too much space in a garden. Growing your favorite herbs and vegetables will treat you will the freshest flavors and aromas, and can be a wonderful conversation starter. The most popular are strawberries, tomatoes, and mint which are relatively easy to grow. Trees and bushes, mostly berries and fruit, can take a couple of seasons to produce fruit but the harvest will be most worthwhile.

snapdragons1Trees contribute to the overall scheme of your landscape from framing the view, attaching a tire swing, or providing a lovely picnic spot. Now consider the indoor benefits of a large shade tree. By placing a large tree in the south or west of your yard, sunlight will be filtered in the hot afternoons and help lower your cooling bills.

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