Consider extending your living space to the outdoors with architectural additions. Hardscaping can be a beautiful way to increase the functionality and value of an outdoor space. Examples of hardscaping include patios, sitting walls, fountains, outdoor rooms, and more.

No two outdoor spaces are the same & no two families will use them the same; LCM PLUS can help you identify ways to incorporate your lifestyle into your landscape into a project and bring open air spaces to life. We work with you to design a space that maximizes your priorities while harmonizing with each unique environment.

4331A good starting point is arbors, pergolas, or gazebos.  They are the perfect way to add character to an exterior space while serving a functional purpose. From a simple pergola that accents a growing garden to one that covers a seating area to create a true outdoor room, they serve as lovely focal points. Good fences make good neighbors. Whether dividing property lines or creating visually aesthetic boundaries there are many different applications for fencing. In addition to providing privacy, a fence can quite literally be brought to life by incorporating it into the landscape. Plants like roses and morning glories can be trained to climb a trellis or arbors to create a living fence guaranteed to enhance any garden.

Create a whole new dimension to your entertaining area with our custom-designed, hand-crafted stone retaining walls. Our natural stone walls can be designed as a simple garden wall or a stone sitting wall to enjoy relaxing with a book, or dining with friends outdoors. Building a sitting wall creates a memorable statement about your home, whether you are creating a conversational area or dividing your landscape to make it more manageable, you will find it brings more than just style to your space.

For those who entertain often an inviting outdoor space is imperative. Most surveys agree that, on average, an adult will spend about 3 years of their lives performing food related activity in their Untitledkitchens. Why not move some of this time outdoors into the fresh air? Ranging from a simple outdoor grill to a full chefs kitchen, your next BBQ could be the envy of your neighbors. LCM PLUS has the expertise to help you ‘get cooking’. Other additions such as a water feature like fountains or a Koi pond offers soothing reprieve, or the installation of a fire feature such as a stone fire pit makes an autumn evening outdoors irresistible. There are many different choices for your fire feature that burn wood, natural gas or propane.

As an extension of your home, outdoor living spaces should be dynamic and inviting. Outdoor lighting & audio installations are a perfect example of functional value which contribute to the property and your lifestyle.  With outdoor lighting you can extend the use of your outdoor spaces well into the night. Outdoor audio installations are, in terms of enjoyment, a fantastic return on investment. Using high-quality weatherproof products mean that listening to music while lounging on the patio or tuning into a sports game while grilling is at your fingertips. LCM PLUS installs high quality systems that can be set up to play from your Smartphone or existing A/V system and controlled remotely.

LCM PLUS, a full service Design | Build firm, has the expertise to help you design and transform your outdoor area to a functional living space the whole family can enjoy!


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