Whether it be a dip in the pool, soaking up the sun or hosting a party, many homeowners will spend a great deal of time in their outdoor living spaces throughout the summer months. As an extension of your home, outdoor living spaces should be dynamic and inviting. LCM PLUS recommends outdoor audio & lighting to enhance yards and patios. These outdoor installations are a perfect example of functional value, contributing to the property and your lifestyle.

Landscape Lighting can make your home the star of the neighborhood while providing safety and security. Homeowners invest in curb appeal to create a beautiful and inviting space, however this is often lost when the sun sets. Tastefully incorporated landscape lighting brings the hidden evening beauty of your landscape to life. Create a cozier evening by lighting a patio or accent hardscape stonework with in-wall lights. Enjoy gardens any time you like by placing lights in beds where you can feature interesting plants. In addition to aesthetic appeal, your home can be made safer too: Shadowy areas can be dangerous if someone trips and gets injured, dark walkways can be lit with path lighting for visitors, or sidewalks illuminated for pedestrians. Furthermore burglars and vandals will be less inclined to target a well lit home.

In the past few years, outdoor lighting has adopted new technology making the cost to own lower than ever.

Landscape Lighting: Bullet Light

Using low voltage LED lights in place of conventional filament-type bulbs, the cost of powering these longer lasting outdoor lights has been reduced by up to 80%; By incorporating a timer into the low voltage lights there will be minimal impact on your energy usage. By using high quality materials, you can be assured that the lighting fixtures will last for many years. When performing the installation, our trained professionals bury all of the wiring to create a clean look.

Outdoor Audio: Rock Speaker

Outdoor audio installations are, in terms of enjoyment, a fantastic return on investment. Using high-quality weatherproof products means that listening to the radio or baseball game while outdoors eliminates the hassle of carrying and setting up boom boxes and sub-par wireless products. These systems can be set up to play from your homes existing A/V system, SONOS, Airplay, or streamed from your smartphone and controlled remotely. Best of all, no unsightly devices or cords will impede the beauty of your outdoor space.  

LCM PLUS uses the highest quality audio & lighting components and wiring to deliver to most reliable and immersive outdoor living experience. As certified dealers of Coastal Source products, we understand the importance of rigorous testing with regards to an array of outdoor variables such as UV breakdown, salt or PH corrosion, snow / ice / water management, environmental impact, and material science. Designed to be camouflaged flawlessly into their surroundings, we offer subtle yet powerful products that will withstand the harsh conditions we are accustomed to in New England.

By working with the industries leading manufacturers LCM PLUS can ensure your installation will be easy to use and last for many years.

Outdoor kitchen and bar lighting

If you are considering incorporating these installations into your landscape, identify which areas would benefit the most. Placement if very important when considering layout; The goal is to develop a pleasing scheme without overdoing it; Our consultants can assess your outdoor living space and design the perfect solution to best suite your lifestyle without disturbing neighbors.

LCM PLUS invites you to our Melrose office to browse our selection of display models. We will work with you to design an installation suited to your home and lifestyle. LCM PLUS is a full-service, complete design and build landscape and irrigation company servicing both residential and commercial projects.

Working with a design | build firm like us means we will be working with you directly throughout the entire design and construction process, and make your visions a reality.

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