The winter is a great time to install a pool and have it ready for summer. Here are some factors to consider if you’re thinking of transforming your backyard!


  • Saltwater pools have become a huge hit both commercially and at residential homes. They are less harmful on skin and clothes due to using less chemicals to keep the pool clean. They don’t use chlorine which leaves you smelling like a pool and takes up storage space. They may be more expensive initially, but will pay off over time by saving money on chemicals and maintenance.
  • Look into installing landscape lighting in your pool area to keep the fun going all night! Pools are great for gatherings, which tend to go late into the evening in the warm summer months. You can put lighting around the pool coping, in the pool, and around the pool deck; virtually anywhere! This not only lights up the night, but also looks great as it highlights attractive parts of your landscape.
  • Pools come in all shapes and sizes to fit your yard. Have a small space? Small pools have become quite popular for less maintenance and more area for other activities! Have kids? Shallower pools are safer for the young ones and can be a great help when teaching them how to swim. Kidney-shaped, L-shaped, round pools, the possibilities are endless. No matter what the size of your landscape, pools can be designed to fit perfectly to their surroundings while creating a perfectly relaxing space for you and your family.
  • Shallower pools may be good for kids, but fitness has been a huge trend recently. Using pools as a way of staying fit is a fantastic way of low resistance exercise! Deeper, longer pools are good for laps and treading water to keep the heart rate up. If you are older or have arthritis, joint pain, or anything of similar nature, pools are fantastic as they don’t leave certain parts of your body sore from over exertion.

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