As we move into October, brisk days lead into chilly evenings accompanied by fleeting afternoon sun. Your homes beauty does not need to fade with the last rays of sun, though. Homeowners find themselves pulling into darkened driveways after work & streetlights call children home a bit earlier every day. While spring blooms may no longer be the colorful eye-catcher for passer-bys, twilight & autumnal beauty should be embraced. Highlight explosions of fall colors or your favorite tree with outdoor lights.

Homeowners invest in curb appeal to create a beautiful and inviting space, however this is often lost when the sun sets. Landscape Lighting can make your home the star of the neighborhood while providing safety and security. Tastefully incorporated landscape lighting brings the hidden evening beauty of your landscape to life. Create a cozier evening by lighting a patio – or accent Landscape Lighting (7)hardscape stonework with in-wall lights. Enjoy gardens any time you like by placing lights in beds where you can feature interesting plants. In addition to aesthetic appeal, your home can be made safer too: Shadowy areas can be dangerous if someone trips and gets injured, dark walkways can be lit with path lighting for visitors, or sidewalks illuminated for pedestrians. Furthermore burglars and vandals will be less inclined to target a well lit home.

In the past few years, outdoor lighting has adopted new technology making the cost to own lower than ever. Using low voltage LED lights in place of conventional filament-type bulbs, the cost of powering these longer lasting outdoor lights has been reduced by up to 80%; By incorporating a timer into the low voltage lights there will be minimal impact on your energy usage. LCM PLUS uses only the highest quality materials, so you can be assured that the lighting fixtures will last for many years. When performing the installation, our trained professionals bury all of the wiring to create a clean look.

Landscape Lighting (4)If you are considering incorporating these installations into your landscape, identify which areas would benefit the most. Placement if very important when considering layout; The goal is to develop a pleasing scheme without over doing it. Our consultants can assess your outdoor living space and design the perfect solution to best suite your lifestyle without disturbing neighbors.

LCM PLUS invites you to our Melrose office to browse our selection of display models. LCM Plus is a full-service, complete design and build landscape and irrigation company servicing both residential and commercial projects; We will work with you to design an installation suited to your home and lifestyle.

Working with a DESIGN | BUILD firm like LCM PLUS means we will be working with you directly throughout the entire process, and make your visions a reality!

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